Navy Federal Credit Union's customer engagement strategy delivers results in the Contact Center

Navy Federal Union's help desk is experiencing its lowest wait time since it began measuring the performance indicator. The credit union also has decreased manual workload for leadership, decreased agent overtime by 12 percent, reduced monthly reporting time by 60 percent and increased overall productivity. Most importantly, it has increased customer satisfaction by three percent, raising this metric to 98 percent overall.

With the desire to serve its more than 7 million members even more efficiently, Navy Federal Credit Union uses Verint Workforce Management to automate what had previously been manual scheduling processes with impressive results. The solution has introduced newfound visibility into staffing levels and expected performance, as well as staffing needs for expected future growth. With these sorts of results, you can really see their customer engagement strategy delivering results.

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Serving current and former members of the military and the Department of Justice and their families, Navy Federal Credit Union, the world's largest credit union with over seven million members, over $77 billion in assets, and over 14,000 employees, leveraged Verint Workforce Optimization to help automate staff planning and scheduling, in turn saving millions of dollars by reducing overtime and avoiding excess staffing.

Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization (WFO) are critical components to Navy Federal's customer experience approach.