Citizens Energy Group Powers Customer Feedback with Verint

Operating as a Public Charitable Trust, Citizens Energy Group’s vision is to fulfill the promise of the Trust to serve its customers and communities with unparalleled excellence and integrity. Supporting this vision, the company leverages Verint ForeSee to capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback data. Using the solution to survey customers relative to overall satisfaction, as well as perform multi-channel measurement of customer satisfaction (website, contact center, field services, communications, etc.), Citizens Energy gains valuable insights that otherwise may have gone undiscovered.

With the insights gained using Verint ForeSee, Citizens Energy more effectively drives enrollment in key programs such as automatic bank deductions, electronic billing, and budget enrollment, where customer enrollment across all three programs translates to an eight- to nine-point improvement in customer satisfaction scores. Further, socialization of the customer data across the business drives strategic performance improvement initiatives to increase customer satisfaction – a key measurement of business success – and elevate the customer experience

“It’s a true partnership. They [Verint] aren’t a polling company. They’re a business analytics firm and that’s very meaningful to us.” Curtis Popp, Vice President of Customer Operations, Citizens Energy Group

In business for more than 130 years, Citizens Energy operates as a public charitable trust utility. A broad-based utility service company, it provides natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services to approximately 800,000 people and thousands of businesses in the Indianapolis area.